Additions To Your Team

Meet Your Team

By partnering with Dominion, your team grows to include our diverse community of professionals. Our specialists are creative, meticulous thinkers with invaluable industry experience in areas such as: customs operations and compliance, international transportation and supply chain operations, global sourcing, project management, merchandising, and marketing. They continue to deliver exceptional results and surpass even the highest expectations.

Feel free to get in touch with our team members. We would be happy to hear from you.

Company Founders

John Preston, President

Arthur Briggs, Vice President & Secretary-Treasurer

Operations Team

Emil Fiorantis, Vice President of Operations

Andrew Simkins, Director of Operations

Michael Sherbo, Director of Appeals

Beverly Walsh, Senior International Trade Consultant

Tim Coates, Senior International Trade Consultant

Kyle O'Connor, International Trade Consultant

Jason Ford, International Trade Consultant

Matthew Brown, International Trade Consultant

Matthew Hunt, Customs Specialist

Sales and Support Team

John O'Neill, Vice President & General Manager

Natasha Foigel, Controller

Helen Johnston, Accounting

Amy Lang, Accounting Coordinator

Rose Cortese, Marketing Specialist

Lisa Reilly, Business Development Manager

Stuart PringleBusiness Development Manager

Roger Morton, Business Development Manager

Aruana Murzaliyeva, Business Development Manager