About Us

Unmatched Experience. Untold Innovation.

Founded in 1981, Dominion is celebrated as a pioneer of the duty recovery industry. With a reputation of working smart, working well, and providing cost savings to importers that customs brokers simply could not match, we became a trusted name and a valued resource to businesses across North America. As our clients’ needs evolved, we broadened our range of services to offer the reliable, unparalleled support they had come to depend on, in a variety of new areas.

Today, we still strive to evolve as our clients needs do, responding to the new challenges they face with inventive, high-value solutions. Whether we are developing your customs compliance program, optimizing supply chain security, connecting your businesses with an Authorized Economic Operator program, or supporting your in-house Compliance Department, we are here to give you and your team the guidance and tools to flourish.

We would welcome the opportunity to help you mitigate today’s risks and tomorrow’s, allowing your business to perform at the very highest level.

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