Duty Drawbacks

Securing Untapped Refunds

Have you shipped goods out of the country that you previously imported and paid duty on?

Have you destroyed merchandise that you previously paid duty on?

Are your same goods crossing the border multiple times and paying duty on them more than once?

Minimizing duty is integral for your bottom line, but lowering the fees you pay upon importation isn’t the only way to reduce your landed costs.

Our carefully designed Duty Drawback Programs can give your business the necessary tools to identify refund opportunities on imported goods that have since been exported, destroyed, or are no longer saleable.

Setting up a drawback system that is simple and efficient can be complicated, but with Dominion as your partner, we can develop a specialized program together. We design, test, and implement our systems, all while educating and empowering your team, and assisting with the initial filing of eligible drawbacks. We are happy to provide the guidance needed for you to run the program internally or we can continue to file on your behalf should you prefer.

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