Freight Optimization

Streamlining Transportation

Transporting goods is an inevitable cost of doing business. At Dominion, we know that although your destination may be fixed, there are multiple ways to reach it. We can help you find the most efficient, economical route.

Leveraging decades of experience with cost-relief in the freight marketplace, we analyze your methods and payables and develop strategies to streamline current practices. From cube maximization, the transport of fragile goods, beyond point shipping, to any special distribution requirements, we assess every detail and find ways for your organization to save. As your committed resource, we can help you procure the most cost-effective suppliers and develop bid models that encourage competition and lower your costs.

While immediate cost savings and increased efficiency are our primary goals, continuing to support your business as it grows is of vital importance to us. Dominion provides ongoing freight monitoring to ensure that the system we build continues to offer you the very best well into the future.

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