Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dominion's review trigger an audit with the government?

Since opening our doors in 1981, we’ve conducted thousands of reviews and not one of these has triggered an audit. Government legislation allows for you to self-audit as a means of protecting your brand, we just conduct this process for you.

What if you find areas of underpayment?

Should we discover an underpayment through the course of our review, we will certainly advise you accordingly.

What If You Don’t Find Any Overpayments?

Our Duty Recovery Program is self-funded, simply put, if we do not successfully recover any overpayments on your behalf, you will not be charged a penny. We will only invoice you if the government refunds you.

Do You Offer Any Ongoing Support Once The Duty Recovery Review Has Been Completed?

Absolutely! We are proud to be your resource. Your dedicated International Trade Consultant is available for continued support, guidance, and customs expertise for as long as you wish.

Why Do I Need You When I Already Have a Customs Broker?

A customs broker’s expertise lies in their ability to clear and deliver your shipments as quickly as possible.

Dominion is not a broker. Our expertise lies in analyzing the intricacies. We perform product research, help you develop internal programs, and pursue customs decisions on your behalf. Our goal is to lower duties paid through classification, origin and/or valuation avenues.
Some importers look to customs brokers to perform their own duty reviews but this approach can be problematic. Since we have no interest in defending previous work completed, we can offer you a completely unbiased evaluation.

What Happens If Customs Overturns A Ruling You've Obtained For Us?

On the rare occasion that a ruling is overturned, we will appeal it on your behalf at no charge to you. If we're unsuccessful, any fees you paid to us in respect to the ruling will be refunded to you. We stand behind our work and this guarantee is written into each and every agreement.

How Long Does A Duty Recovery Review Take?

The time it takes to conduct a duty recovery review depends entirely on the volume of import entries and the review system itself. Over the years, we've developed a proprietary system that is extremely time-effective. In the event that we are required to visit your facility, we will spend an average of one to three days on site. During this time, we will require very little of your staff's resources.

How Much of My Staff's Time and Resources Will You Require When Conducting Your Duty Recovery Review?

Minimal, if any. If the records are not available electronically and we need to be onsite as part of the review process, we'll likely require less than 30 minutes of your staff's time. After a brief orientation meeting, we'll simply ask you to point us to your import records and then leave you to carry on with your day-to-day business while we get down to work.

How Long Before I Start to See Some Money from the Duty Recovery Review?

It typically takes one month from the time of filing to receive a duty recovery approval from the government though the time it takes to receive payment can be variable. Depending on the customs administration, it may be an additional three weeks after this time before you receive a refund cheque, but in some cases, a credit may be posted to your account as quickly as the day after the approval.