What To Expect

Exceeding Your Needs

Some companies are satisfied to meet your needs. At Dominion, we are only satisfied when we are exceeding them. As one of the most decorated customs and trade resources in North America, we strive to deliver an incomparable level of performance at every turn. Here are just some of the things we can offer you as your partner:

In-House Appeals Department

Dominion has won more cases at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal than our competitors have even ventured to argue. Our unique in-house Appeals Department enables us to handle your appeals with seamlessness and expertise, using a network of leading industry experts and trade lawyers we have worked tirelessly to build.

Database of Unpublished Customs Rulings

Not all customs administrations are compelled to publish their binding rulings, which can make building convincing precedent-based cases challenging for our competitors. At Dominion, we have developed a comprehensive database of ruling decisions dating back over 35 years that has proven instrumental in saving our clients millions of dollars year after year. No other customs broker, consultant, trade lawyer, or accounting firm has access to this detailed index and it is the first of its kind.

Customized Monthly Activity Logs

We want to keep you informed every step of the way but we understand that in running a business, time becomes a valued entity. Our customizable, easy to read monthly activity logs provide you with an extensive guide to all of your projects that you can access at any time.

Privacy Protection

Protecting your privacy is crucial to us. As a policy, we elect not to post the names or logos of the organizations we work with on our website. Unlike our competitors, ensuring you maximum confidentiality is more important to us than boosting our credibility. When asked for a reference, we ask in advance for your permission before disclosing any contact information.


Industry Alerts

Our longstanding relationships with government agencies and trade organizations give us unique access to the market intelligence that can make a difference for your business. We deliver critical alerts to our clients about policy and classification changes as they develop and communicate any insights we believe to be of value to them.

Strength in Numbers

Sometimes your competitor can be your greatest ally. Our large client base allows us to pursue powerful collaborative action and present strong cases by uniting numerous importers and exporters facing the same industry-related challenges. Building a sound case can be difficult for a single organization dealing with the government. Dominion can facilitate connections between like-minded organizations, allowing us all to achieve the greatest amount of success.

Some companies are satisfied to meet your needs.

We are only satisfied when we are exceeding them.

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